(MON-o-LOF-o-SAWR-us | 'Single Crested Lizard')

Type Species*: jiangi

Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 767

Illustration of Monolophosaurus
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Illustration of Monolophosaurus

Monolophosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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Artiach 2011 Spanish Dinosaurus Cookie Box Cut-out Cards - Series 1
Clade-Gravim Series #6: 'The Jurassic Saurischians' Trading Cards
D-Gate c.2005 Japanese Dinosaur Scan Battle Cards
LU (Lefevre Utile) Dinosaurs Cut-out Cards
Mattel, Inc. 1998 Jurassic World Dino Rivals Toy Insert Cards
Mun-War Enterprises Inc. 1993 The Greatest Cards Unearthed! Collector Cards
One2Play 2011 Dinowaurs Survival Battle Profile Cards
Panini 2020 Jurassic World: Ultimate Sticker Album Cards
Royal Tyrrell Museum 1997 Signature Series Cards
Upper Deck 2008 Dinosaur King Game Cards - Series 1: Base Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards Extinction Red Parallel Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Extinction Red Parallel Set
Woolworths 2015 Ancient Animals Cards
Woolworths 2015 Ancient Animals Stickers