(a-noo-ROG-na-thus | 'Tailless Jaw')

Type Species*: ammoni

Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 88

Illustration of Anurognathus
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Illustration of Anurognathus
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Anurognathus Collectibles Gallery
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Aminfun Dinosaur Learning Cards
Appreciate Entertainment 2009 Dino Master Duel Dinosaur Cards
bioViva! Defis Nature: Dinosaurs 2
C.O.F. 2000 Dino World Battle Cards - Version Two
Compass Labs 2005 Dinosaurs Fact Pack Cards
Cottage Cards 1994 The Reign of Pterosaurs! Cards
Lulu Dino Memoria Kartya - Series 3
Mun-War Enterprises Inc. 1993 The Greatest Cards Unearthed! Collector Cards
Top Trumps 1993 Super Top Trumps Dinosaurs II Game Cards (Waddingtons Games)
Unidentified Primeval Magazine Promo Cards