Explore extinct life by their name
(i.e., genus)

Explore extinct life by their common names
(i.e., Dinosaur, Bird)

Explore extinct life by family groupings
(i.e., cladistic relationships)

Explore extinct life by geological time period
(i.e., when the life form lived)

Explore extinct life by geographic location
(i.e., where the fossils were found)

Explore extinct life by paleontologist/author
(i.e., person(s) who named the life form)

Explore fantasy life forms shaped by the human mind and experience
(i.e., fictional creatures & monsters)

An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

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(Sten-op-teh-re-ge-us | 'Narrow Fin')


Illustration of Stenopterygius
The Prehistoric Gallery of Mineo Shiraishi
Illustration of Stenopterygius
Content Paradise (Artist: Dinoraul)

Collectibles Gallery
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Acme Studios 1995 The Carnegie Museum of Natural History Trading Cards
C.O.F. 2000 Dino World Battle Cards - Version Two
Charter Tea & Coffee Co. Ltd. 1962 Prehistoric Animals Cards - 2nd Series
Coopers & Co. Stores Ltd. 1962 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Second Series of 25
DeJankins 1997 Deanosaurs Dinosaur Figure Cards - Series E
Dinosaur Corporation Pictosaurs Matching Game Cards
Euroflash Figurine Dinosaurien/Dinosauri Stickers
Schwager & Steinlein Dinosaurier Quiz Karten
Shogakukan 1979 Dinosaurs Korotan Cards
Sunblest Tea 1966 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Second Series of 25
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards Extinction Red Parallel Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Extinction Red Parallel Set
Verlag für Lehrmittel Pößneck GmbH 1975 Tiere der Urzeit

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