Explore extinct life by their name
(i.e., genus)

Explore extinct life by their common names
(i.e., Dinosaur, Bird)

Explore extinct life by family groupings
(i.e., cladistic relationships)

Explore extinct life by geological time period
(i.e., when the life form lived)

Explore extinct life by geographic location
(i.e., where the fossils were found)

Explore extinct life by paleontologist/author
(i.e., person(s) who named the life form)

Explore fantasy life forms shaped by the human mind and experience
(i.e., fictional creatures & monsters)

An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Dinosaur Fan Non-sports Collectibles Digest

Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

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Illustration of Cryptoclidus by N. Tamura
deviantART (NTamura)

Cryptoclidus Collectibles Gallery
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Brooke Bond 1972 Prehistoric Animals Cards - Series of 50 Cards
Cavanders Ltd. 1930 Peeps Into Prehistoric Times - Army Club Cigarettes (Large Photo Series)
Cavanders Ltd. 1930 Peeps Into Prehistoric Times - Army Club Cigarettes (Small Photo Series)
Chocolates Jet 2011 El Mundo de los Animales Prehistóricos Stickers
Danone Danonino Dessert Cup Comic Prehistoric Animal Stickers
Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 2009 Turok: Son of Stone Trading Cards
Edito-Service S. A. Prehistoric Animals Cards (Dutch)
Harris & Co., Inc. 1974 Prehistoric Animals Stickers
Kellogg's 2000 Dinosaurier - Reich Der Giganten Cards
Monsterwax 2015 Dinosaur Galaxy Card Set
Quaker Oats Ltd. 1964 Oat Krunchies Prehistoric Animal Cards
Random House Astrosaurs Collector Cards
Tsukuda 1990 Dinosaur Game Cards

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