Explore extinct life by their name
(i.e., genus)

Explore extinct life by their common names
(i.e., Dinosaur, Bird)

Explore extinct life by family groupings
(i.e., cladistic relationships)

Explore extinct life by geological time period
(i.e., when the life form lived)

Explore extinct life by geographic location
(i.e., where the fossils were found)

Explore extinct life by paleontologist/author
(i.e., person(s) who named the life form)

Explore fantasy life forms shaped by the human mind and experience
(i.e., fictional creatures & monsters)

An introduction to the Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia along with some statistics regarding what information is available

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(KEN-tro-SAWR-us | 'Sharp-point Lizard')


Illustration of Kentrosaurus
www.dinosaurpicturesonline.com The Prehistoric Gallery of Mineo Shiraishi
Skeleton of Kentrosaurus
Wikimedia Commons
Sculpture of Kentrosaurus
Hirokazu Tokugawa's Paleo Sculpture
Skeleton of Kentrosaurus
Illustration of Kentrosaurus
The Museum of Fantasy Art The Prehistoric Gallery of Mineo Shiraishi

Kentrosaurus Collectibles Gallery
Qty. Sets
Qty. Items

Ace Dinosaurier Game Cards
Ace Dinosaurs Fact Pack Cards
Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten Dinosaurier Game Cards
Asahi Sonorama Wonder Cards
Bomky Saurios Gum Papers
Breygent Marketing 2015 Jurassic Domination Sketch Art Booklets
Buttercup Bakery 1993 Dinosaurs Rule Bread Insert Stickers (Numbered Series)
Buttercup Bakery 1993 Dinosaurs Rule Bread Insert Stickers (Un-numbered Series)
Cadbury-Schweppes Foods Ltd. 2002 Yowie Lost Kingdoms - Series C Information Papers
Carolina Biological Supply Co. 1983 Monsters of the Mesozoic Game Cards
Chocolates Jet 2011 El Mundo de los Animales Prehistóricos Stickers
Clade-Gravim 2016 Limited Edition Dinosaur Trading Cards
Comic Images 1994 William Stout 2 Cards
Creative Child Games 1988 Amazing Dinosaurs Questions & Answer Cards
Creative Child Games 1990 Dinosaur Pals Game Cards
Creative Edge 2010 Dinosaurs Flash Cards
Creative Guidance Games 1988 Amazing Dinosaurs Question and Answer Cards
Cromy Dinosaur in My Pocket Stickers
Cromy 1993 Dinosaur In My Pocket Match 4 Game Cards
DinoCardz Company 1991 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals Large Cards
DinoCardz Company 1992 DinoCardz (Flat Finish)
DinoCardz Company 1992 DinoCardz (UV Finish)
DinoCardz Company 1993 DinoCardz (Spanish Edition)
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. 1995 Dinosaur Snaps Game Cards
Ducale 1989 le specialiste des Dinosaures
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1993 Attack of the Dinosaurs Stickers
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1999 Escape of the Dinosaurs Cards
Early Learning Centre 2005 Dinosaur Trumps Cards
Edito-Service S. A. 1992 French Educational Cards (Series D2 471)
Educational Insights 1997 GeoSafari Electronic Learning Game Cards - Dinosaurs
Egmont Ehapa Verlag Dinosaurier-Quartett (Einfach Tierisch) Cards
Fax-Pax USA, Inc. 1993 Dinosaurs Flash-Pack Cards
Flora Food Company 1991 The Story of Dinosaurs Stickers
Fritt Dinosaur Stickers
Geo. Basset & Co. 1979 Sweet Cigarettes Age of the Dinosaurs Picture Cards
GeoWorld Dr. Steve Hunters Toy Insert Cards
Happinet 2006 The Dinosaur (Great Dinosaurs Era Soft Figure Series) Hangtags
Heartime 2000 Fun Dinosaur Facts Card Valentines
Heraclio Fournier 1993 Dinosaurios Information Game Cards
Heritage Playing Card Company 2002 The Famous Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Horntoad Graphics Pastel Time Period POGS
International Master Publishers 2003 Weird n' Wild Creatures Collector Game Cards
International Master Publishers 2003 Weird n' Wild Creatures Information Cards
Jake 1989 Dinosaurs Sticker Pairs
Jam Systems Inc. 2004 Card-O-Saurus Collection Cards (English Edition)
JCL Paleo Productions, Inc. 1997 Supercontinent Pan-Gee-Ah - The Dinosaur Game Cards
Judy/Instructo 2000 Dino-Mite! Science Card Game
Kabaya Dinosaur Cards
Kraft Foods, Inc. 1994 Prehistoric Animal Cards
Kumon Publishing Co. 1996 Dinosaur Carta Educational Cards
KVIZ 1996 Dinoszauruszok (Foldunk Allativilaga - Series 4)
Kyozai-L.O.T.E. 1996 KYOZAI-LOTE Teaching Aid Flash Cards
Lwnr Dinosaurs Self-Inking Stamp Boxes
Marca 2012 Dinosaurios! Stickers
Masters Cards 1993 Dinocard Cards
Matchbox International Ltd. 1992 Monster in My Pocket - Dinosaur Fact Cards
McGraw-Hill, Inc. 2002 Dinosaurs Fact Cards
McGraw-Hill, Inc. 2004 Science and Social Studies Fact Cards
Meiji Dinosaur Cards
One2Play 2011 Dinowaurs Survival Battle Profile Cards
Orbis Publishing Ltd. Come Saurios Dinosaurios Cards
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1992 Dino Tausch Dinosaurier! Cards - Series 1
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1992 Swap It! Dinosaurs! Cards - Series 1
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1993 Dinopigliatutto Dinosauri Cards
Panini 2014 Dinosaurs Like Me Stickers
Peaceable Kingdom Press Dinosaur Temporary Tattoo Valentine Cards
Pegasus Press 1996 Dino Jagd (Dinosaur Hunt) Cards
Pepsi 1992 DinoCardz Dinosaur Cards
PNSO 2018 Little Dinosaurs Foldout Information Sheets
Price Stern Sloan 1987 The Second Dinosaur Action Set Paper Punchouts
Random House Astrosaurs Collector Cards
Redstone Marketing, Inc. 1993 Dinosaurs - The Mesozoic Era Collector Cards
Saurierpark Kleinwelka 1989-1991 Color Post Cards
Schleich GmbH Dinosaur Cards
Sea To Sky Photography 2007 Discover Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Sega 2004 Dinosaur King Electronic Battle Game Cards
Smithsonian 2017 Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Sonokong Dino King Electronic Battle Game Cards
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Boxed Series Cards
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Limited Edition Gold Border Series Cards
Sunday Times 1994 Escape of the Dinosaurs Stickers
Susaeta 1993 Los Dinosaurios II Paper Cut-outs
TCM Associates Inc. Heroes of Extinction POGS
The Incredible Game Company, Inc. Dinosaurs - The Mesozoic Era Reprint Cards
The Museum of Modern Art, New York The Dinosaur Shufflebook Flash Cards
Top Trumps 1993 Super Top Trumps Dinosaurs II Game Cards (Waddingtons Games)
Upper Deck 2008 Dinosaur King Game Cards - Series 1: Base Set
Upper Deck 2009 Dinosaur King Game Cards - Series 5: Dinotector Showdown
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Canvas Mini Cards Extinction Red Parallel Set
Upper Deck 2015 Dinosaurs - Extinction Red Parallel Set
Walt Disney Micky Maus Magazine Insert Trading Quiz Cards
Weekly Reader Books 1981 Wildlife Treasury Data Cards - Prehistoric Life
Weldon Owen 2008 Dinosaurs: Jumbo-Sized Fact Cards
Unidentified 101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables
Unidentified Dinosaurs Rainbow POGS
Unidentified Japanese Playing Cards

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