(THEEK-o-DON-to-SAWR-us | 'Socket-toothed Lizard')

Type Species*: antiquus

Basal Sauropodomorphs
* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 1212

Illustration of Thecodontosaurus

Thecodontosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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Aims Instructional Media Services Prehistoric Animals and Plants - Set B: Mesozoic Era
Asahi Sonorama 1978 Wonder Cards
Condis 2019 Super Animals 4 Grocery Store Cards
Fax-Pax USA, Inc. 1993 Dinosaurs Flash-Pack Cards
Hasbro, Inc. 2002 Monopoly Dinos Challenge Cards
JCL Paleo Productions, Inc. 1997 Supercontinent Pan-Gee-Ah - The Dinosaur Game Cards
Masters Cards 1993 Dinocard Cards
MV Editores 1992 El Gran Album de Los Dinosaurios Stickers
Orbis Publishing Ltd. Come Saurios Dinosaurios Cards
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1992 Dino Tausch Dinosaurier! Cards - Series 1
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1992 Swap It! Dinosaurs! Cards - Series 1
Orbis Publishing Ltd. 1993 Dinopigliatutto Dinosauri Cards
Pingo Doce 2018 Super Animals 3 (Dinossauros) Cards
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1986 Dinosaurs & Prehistorics Fun-to-Know Flash Cards
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1986 Dinosaurs & Prehistorics Lotto Game Cards
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1993 Wonder Quest Dinosaurs Interactive Picture Cards
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1997 Digging Dinosaurs Bulletin Board Pin-ups
Trend Enterprises, Inc. 1997 Dinosaurs Match Me Game Cards & Game Boards
Upper Deck 2015 Goodwin Champions - Origin of Species Patch Insert Cards
Unidentified 101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables
Unidentified 1990's Japanese Dinosaur Playing Cards