(SAL-to-pus | 'Hopping Foot')

Type Species*: elginensis

Basal Dinosaurs
* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 1076

Illustration of Saltopus
Illustration of Saltopus
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Saltopus Collectibles Gallery
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Asahi Sonorama 1978 Wonder Cards
Chocolates Jet 2011 El Mundo de los Animales Prehistóricos Stickers
Flora Food Company 1991 The Story of Dinosaurs Stickers
JCL Paleo Productions, Inc. 1997 Supercontinent Pan-Gee-Ah - The Dinosaur Game Cards
Lo Scarabeo 2004 Dinosaurs & Co. Playing Cards
Masters Cards 1993 Dinocard Cards
Museum of Modern Art, New York, The c.1980's The Dinosaur Shufflebook Flash Cards
MV Editores 1992 El Gran Album de Los Dinosaurios Stickers
Panini 2002 Stick & Stack El Mundo de los Dinosaurios Stickers
RGA Publishing Group, Inc. 1988 Dinosaurs Flash Cards
RGA Publishing Group, Inc. 1988 Dinosaurs Science Flash Cards
Summer Triangle Prehistoric Animal Bookmarks
Tangerine Press 2007 Dig It! Dinosaur Duels Game Cards
Warner Press Inc. 1988 The World of Dinosaurs Panorama Stick-Ons
Watermill Press 1988 Science Flash Cards Fascinating Fun and Facts: Dinosaurs
Unidentified 101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables