(skoo-TEL-o-SAWR-us | 'Small-shield Lizard')

Type Species*: lawleri

* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 1102

Illustration of Scutellosaurus

Scutellosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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American Teaching Aids 1990 Dinosaur Giants! Stickers
Bay Caps c.1993 The Ages of the Dinosaurs POGS
Bollycao Los Autenticos Cromos de los Dinosaurios de Bollycao Stickers
Dynamic Marketing & Printing 1999 Escape of the Dinosaurs Cards
Eva Air Dinosaur Information Cards
GMD Europe 1990 Earthgame Toy Insert Cards
Gordy Toy 1997 Jurassic Dinosaurs Toy Packaging Cards
Grolier, Inc. 1991-1995 Wildlife Adventure Cards
Heritage Playing Card Company 2002 The Famous Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Jacob & Co. 1994 School of Dinosaurs Cards
Kellogg's 1992 Fun Factivities Cards
Klee Spiel Box Dinosaurier Lotto Game Cards & Game Boards
Lo Scarabeo 2004 Dinosaurs & Co. Playing Cards
Museum of Modern Art, New York, The c.1980's The Dinosaur Shufflebook Flash Cards
MV Editores 1992 El Gran Album de Los Dinosaurios Stickers
Phoskitos 1993 Saurio Park Stickers (Numbered)
Redstone Marketing, Inc. 1993 Dinosaurs - The Mesozoic Era Collector Cards
Schmidt Spiele 1992 Dinosaurier Paare Suchen
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Limited Edition Gold Border Series Cards
Sunday Times 1994 Escape of the Dinosaurs Stickers
Top Trumps 1993 Super Top Trumps Dinosaurs III Game Cards (Waddingtons Games)
Unidentified 101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables
Unidentified Chinese Dinosaur Playing Cards
Unidentified Dinosaur Flash Cards
Unidentified Educational Extinct Life Cards