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Illustration of a Yeti
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Yeti Collectibles Gallery
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American Realist Company 1994 Myth or Real Cards
Bear 2018-2019 Yoyo Snacks Curious Quest Cards
Braiiinz Publishing 2023 Beauty & The Myth Series 2 Artist Sketch Cards
Brooke Bond 1987 Unexplained Mysteries of the World Cards - Double Photos
Brooke Bond 1994 Creatures of Legend Cards
Brooke Bond 1994 Creatures of Legend Cards - Double Images
Cardlings 2004 Poems & Mythology Cards
Comic Images 1998 Meanie Babies Cards
Contact Press 1993 Monsters & Mysteries of the Planet Earth
Cornerstone 1995 Hammer Horror Trading Cards - Series 1
Cromy Monsters In My Pocket Stickers
International Master Publishers 2003 Weird n' Wild Creatures Collector Game Cards
Sainsbury's 2017 Lego Create the World Cards
Topps 2009 Allen & Ginter - World Champions - Creatures of Legend, Myth and Terror Insert Cards
Topps 2013 Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Brand New Series 3 - Five Set Compilation
Upper Deck 2004 Disney Pixar Treasures Cards
Upper Deck 2014 Goodwin Champions - Monster 3D Insert Cards
Upper Deck 2014 Goodwin Champions - Monsters & Bizarre Beasts Artist Signature Insert Cards
Viceroy Card Co. 2012 Cryptids Sketch Cards