(Pay-lee-oh-fee-ree-um | 'Ancient Beast')

Type Species*: magnum

* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 876

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A. Arnaud 1951 French Prehistoric Animal Skeleton Paper Cards - Series 113
A. Arnaud 1951 French Prehistoric Animal Stickers - Series 101
A. Arnaud 1957 French Prehistoric Animal Paper Cards - Series 101 Reissue
Caja de Ahorros de Asturias 1954 Álbum de Cultura y de Arte - Series 1 (Animales Prehistoricos)
Chapman & Hall Ltd. 1857 Waterhouse Hawkins's Diagrams of the Extinct Animals
Chocolat d'Aiguebelle 1905 Les Fossiles Cards
Chocolates Diaz Animales Prehistoricos
Euroflash Figurine Dinosaurien/Dinosauri Stickers
Fernand Nathan Animaux Prehistoriques Game Cards
Pedro Soler Animales Prehistoricos
Reichardt 1910 Tiere der Urwelt Lithographs - Series 3
Weekly Reader Books 1981 Wildlife Treasury Data Cards - Prehistoric Life
Unidentified Antediluvian Animals Cinderella Stickers - Series 116