(PAN-o-plo-SAWR-us | 'Full-armored Lizard')

Type Species*: mirus

* Globally extinct life form (†), only the type species is displayed
Life Form ID: 885

Illustration of Panoplosaurus
deviantART (ABelov2014)

Panoplosaurus Collectibles Gallery
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Art of Play 2021 William Stout Dinosaur Playing Cards
Canadian Museum of Nature 2007 Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery Promotional Cards
Cerdan Dinosaurios y Prehistoria Stickers
Con Agra Frozen Foods 2000 Kid Cuisine - Crack Me Dinosaur Egg Stickers
D-Gate c.2005 Japanese Dinosaur Scan Battle Cards
H&L Enterprises 1995 Foil Dinosaur Milk Caps
Illuminations 1987 Dinosaur Club Action Cards (Numbered Series)
Illuminations 1987 Dinosaur Club Action Cards (Un-numbered Series)
Imperial Toy Corporation 1996 Jurassic Collection Package Cut-out Cards
Mun-War Enterprises Inc. 1993 The Greatest Cards Unearthed! Collector Cards
Royal Canadian Mint 2010 Dinosaur Exhibit Series Lenticular Coin Insert Cards
Schwager & Steinlein Dinosaurier Quiz Karten
Silver Burdett Ginn Science 1996 Discovery Works Earth Through Time Picture Cards (Grade 2 - Unit C)
Steve Jackson Games Incorporated 1996 Dino Hunt Limited Edition Gold Border Series Cards
Summer Triangle Prehistoric Animal Bookmarks
Upper Deck 2009-2010 Champ's Hockey Natural History Collection Subset Cards
Unidentified 101 Dinosaurios Trading Cards Coleccionables
Unidentified Cap-O-Saurus Mania POGS
Unidentified Dinosaur Cards
Unidentified Teal & Black Foil POGS