(ref: Dinosaur (Disney Movie) | Feature Film: Walt Disney Pictures - Released: 2000)

Possible Inspiration

Life Form ID: 1940

Movie Still
Statue of Aladar
deviantART (Photograph by TheKohakuDragon)
Aladar Toy Figure
Ron's Rescued Treasures
Illustration of Aladar & Possible Inspiration (Iguanodon)
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Aladar Collectibles Gallery
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7-Eleven 2000 Disney Dinosaur Taro Metallic Promotional Cards
Campbell Soup Company 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Stickers
Chupa Chups 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Stickers
Con Agra Frozen Foods 2000 Disney Dinosaur Dino-cups Snack Pack Pudding Promotion Cards
Eircom Limited Disney Dinosaur Movie Phone Cards

Frito Lay's Brand 2000 Disney Dinosaur K-Mart Promotional Cards
Heraclio Fournier Dinosaurio Game Cards
Kellogg's 2000 Wall-Mart Promotion Disney Dinosaur Valentine Cards
Mad Caps Disney Dinosaur POG Slammers
Magic Box Int. Disney Dinosaur POGS
Marinela 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Punch Out Cards
Mattel, Inc. 2000 Disney Dinosaur Action Figure Game & Dino Decoder Insert Cards
Mattel, Inc. 2000 Disney Dinosaur Dino Clash Game Cards
McDonald's 2000 Disney Dinosaur Folding Hats
McDonald's 2000 Disney Dinosaur Sticker Cards
Nestle Shimmy Disney Dinosaur Stickers
Nestle 2000 Disney Dinosaur Candy Promotion Cards
Nestle 2000 Disney Dinosaur Cereal Box 3D Cards
Nestle 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Carlos V Candy Bars Wrappers
Nestle 2000 Shreddies Disney Dinosaur Activity Booklet Cards
Panini 2000 Disney Dinosaur Photocards
Pyramid Disney's Dinosaur Movie Postcards
Ricolino Cinema Gum 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Pop-up Trading Cards
Robinsons 2000 Fruit Drink Disney Dinosaur Hand Puppet Offer Postcards
Salo 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Stickers
Sandylion Sticker Designs 2000 Disney Dinosaur Collection
Sandylion Sticker Designs 2000 Disney Dinosaur Collector Flicker Cards
Telecom of Thailand (TOT) c.2001 Disney Dinosaur Telephone Cards
Topps 2020 Disney Collect! Dinosaur Movie 20th Anniversary Digital Cards
Upper Deck 2003 Disney Treasures Collector Cards - Series 1 (Mickey Mouse)
Video Futur French Movie Streaming Gift Card
Walt Disney Disney's Animal Kingdom Countdown to Extinction Souvenir Postcards
Walt Disney 2000 Disney Dinosaur German Quiz Cards
Walt Disney 2000 Disney Dinosaur Quiz Cards
Walt Disney 2000 The Disney Decades Coins Cards Coin & Card Commutative Sets
Unidentified Disney Dinosaur Game Cards
Unidentified 2000 Disney Dinosaur Collector Cards
Unidentified 2000 Disney Dinosaur Pocket Calendars
Unidentified 2000 Disney Dinosaurio Tazos
Unidentified 2001 Disney Dinosaur Hexagonal DVD Promotional Tazos