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"The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that it could be again”
Terence Mann (Field of Dreams)
The Baseball Hall of Fame Members pages provide images, photos of collectibles, and summary information pertaining to the members of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. This section of The Dinosaur Fan is, of course, totally unrelated to the rest of this site. It’s a guilty pleasure for an old man whose love of baseball and baseball card collecting never really became extinct. It’s my way of honoring my boyhood heroes and returning to baseball collecting in a virtual sense.
The Dinosaur Fan Hall of Fame Stats
as of: May 20, 2023
Hall of Fame Members
Prospective Members?
Total Hall of Fame Member Collectibles*
Top 50 Hall of Fame Members (Qty. of Items) *
Qty. of CardsHall of Famer 
24,398Ken Griffey
23,071Cal Ripken
21,231Derek Jeter
18,340Nolan Ryan
17,501Frank Thomas
17,166Chipper Jones
16,812Roger Clemens
15,500Mickey Mantle
14,911Greg Maddux
14,445Randy Johnson
14,254Vladimir Guerrero
14,199Mike Piazza
13,664David Ortiz Arias
13,344Barry Bonds
13,207Babe Ruth
12,414Tony Gwynn
12,211Pedro Martinez
11,990Reggie Jackson
11,500Rickey Henderson
10,745Jim Thome
10,560Ivan Rodriguez (Torres)
9,617Ryne Sandberg
9,229Tom Glavine
9,169Mike Schmidt
9,053Jeff Bagwell
9,022Wade Boggs
8,826Johnny Bench
8,697Ozzie Smith
8,598George Brett
7,959Mariano Rivera
7,900Stan Musial
7,875Robin Yount
7,670Paul Molitor
7,582John Smoltz
7,379Carl Yastrzemski
7,266Roberto Alomar (Velázquez)
7,223Rod Carew
7,215Scott Rolen
7,105Ted Williams
7,041Craig Biggio
6,751Barry Larkin
6,508Carlton Fisk
6,327Roberto Clemente (Walker)
6,025Tom Seaver
5,944Brooks Robinson
5,942Frank Robinson
5,883Hank Aaron
5,862Steve Carlton
5,857Andre Dawson
5,651Larry Walker
    Bottom 50 Hall of Fame Members (Qty. of Items) *
Qty. of CardsHall of Famer 
3Frank Selee
4Alex Pompez
5J.L. Wilkinson
5Ray Brown
6Sol White
6Louis Santop (Loftin)
7Bill McGowan
7Bill Foster
7Cum Posey
7Ben Taylor
7Andy Cooper
8Nestor Chylak
8Effa Manley
10Willard Brown
10Frank Grant
10Barney Dreyfuss
11Bullet Rogan
11Turkey Stearnes
11Pete Hill
11Jud Wilson
11Biz Mackey
13Bud Fowler
14Hilton Smith
15Hank O'Day
17William Hulbert
17Joe Williams
19Tom Connolly
19Marvin Miller
20Willie Wells
21Billy Evans
21Larry MacPhail
21Cristobal Torriente
22Jose Mendez
24Bid McPhee
26Morgan Bulkeley
27Walter O'Malley
29Deacon White
33George Weiss
34George Wright
35Martin Dihigo (Llanos)
36Henry Chadwick
36Will Harridge
37Ed Barrow
37Pud Galvin
37Amos Rusie
39Candy Cummings
39Jacob Ruppert
40Bowie Kuhn
41Ned Hanlon
42Oscar Charleston
42John Schuerholz
* The quantity of items (e.g., cards, stickers, studio photos) is primarily based on the set counts/listings contained in the Trading Card Database.

It is not too surprising that “modern” players have the most collectibles which is primarily due to the large number of companies/products providing cards since the 1980’s. Only seven players whose careers began before 1960 made this top 50 list (Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, and Bob Gibson).

Also somewhat predicable are the members of the Hall of Fame with the least number of collectibles. What you find are mostly Negro League Players (the three prominent Negro leagues all disbanded by 1960 and not many companies produced collectibles of these players), 19th century major league players (just about the only collectibles at that time were issued by a small number of tobacco companies and studio photographers), and executives along with umpires which generally do not have a “fan base” to motivate companies to produce collectibles of these individuals.

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