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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

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Collectibles Introduction

“Living in this troubled new century, a happy and innocent diversion like card collecting can provide a healthy and most welcome mental break. In the grand scheme of things, of course, non-sports means very little. But to collectors, the hobby represents a small piece of what we like and what we are.”
Les Davis, Editor of ‘The Wrapper’

The Prehistoric Life Collectibles Encyclopedia is a virtual collectibles tour providing photos, checklists, and summary information about a variety of ephemera (i.e., paper items) which depict dinosaurs and other extinct life. More specifically, this site features cards, stickers, inserts/cutouts from food, candy, snack, tobacco, & bread packaging, collector albums, education & game cards, POGS / milk caps, cigar bands, matchbox labels, non-postal stamps (e.g., Sinclair), novelties (e.g., valentines), toy inserts (e.g., cards, stickers, and papers included with toys/figures) as well as advertising materials such as posters and magazine/newspaper ads which show the collectibles (e.g., cards, albums) in the ad.

There are a few types of collectibles which are noticeably missing from the aforementioned list such as post cards, philately (e.g., postal stamp-related material like stamps & covers), phone cards, and lobby cards. These were originally excluded due to financial limitations and the understanding that these types of collectibles encompass a tremendous amount of material which I did not feel I could realistically collect. As time permits, I hope to include additional listings of these types of items.

DO YOU HAVE INFORMATION TO SHARE? The world of prehistoric animal collectibles is huge and the content of The Dinosaur Fan only scratches the surface of what collectibles exist. If you have information (e.g., images, checklists, descriptions/information, trivia) related to prehistoric animal collectibles which is not already included in the site, I'll gladly publish your information and give you credit on the webpage upon which the data is presented. If you are interested in sharing information with The Dinosaur Fan readers, please contact me at: mmriley@dinofan.com.

Current Collectibles Record Totals
# of Sets# of Items

Below is an example of how collectibles sets are listed in the various collectibles sections (By Company, By Category, By Product, By Topic, By Country, etc.).


Sample collectibles listing.

  1. This symbol indicates that I do not have physical access to any of the items shown and/or described in this set. The images and information presented were gathered and synthesized from ‘virtual’ sources including, but not limited to, auction sites, manufacturer sites, collector sites, hobby magazines, and fellow collectors.
  2. This symbol indicates that this set has little or nothing to do with the topic of this site but it does contain at least one item which does.
  3. Year (if known) & set name/title/description.
  4. Summary information about the set.
  5. Credit to the person(s) and/or resource(s) from which I obtained set images and/or information, if applicable.
  6. Information about the set
  7. Footnote descriptions associated with letters or numbers shown in the 'Notes' column.
  8. Items listed included with this set
  9. Internal database number (ID) specific to each items listed
  10. Topic of the item (e.g., extinct life, Jurassic Park, Disney Dinosaur)
  11. Does the specific items depict a creature that is within the scope of this site: check = yes, 'X' = no
  12. Is this item part of the site owner's collection? If there is a dinosaur skull, it is, if empty, then it is not.
  13. This is the number printed on the item. If blank, there is no number.
  14. These are letters or numbers relating to footnotes contained in the set description above.
  15. Quantity of each item in the set. Used for sets with duplicated identical images
  16. The dimensions of the item in inches (width x height).
  17. This the number of pages contained in an album. "n/a" indicates it is not applicable to the specific item.
  18. The name(s) of the life form(s) shown/described on the item. These are hyperlinks to information about the animal(s).
  19. The name(s) of the fictional creature(s) shown/described on the item. These are hyperlinks to information about the creature(s).
  20. The name(s), title, and/or description of the item. This may or may not be printed on the item.
  21. Front image of the item.
  22. Reverse image of the item.
  23. Other image of the item (e.g., middle page of an album, figurine associated with the item, inside of folder item).


I would like to thank the persons and/or resources in the table below from which I obtained set images, information and/or information corrections/updates which were missing from my website. A special thank you to the following individuals who have spent considerable time and effort to help expand and improve the content of The Dinosaur Fan site.

  Robert Telleria - an amazing collector, researcher, and major contributor who continuously provides information and images for missing sets as well as a variety of informational updates/corrections to many of the existing sets.

David Elliott – has provided information and images for an assortment of sets including many originating in Australia and New Zealand.

Jeff Quinn – provided information and images of several older and seldom seen sets. His research into the Hobby Trading Post and Nu-cards sets is remarkable having tracked down the source images of nearly every card in those sets.

Bill Oliver – provided comprehensive coverage of the surprisingly large and somewhat complicated Kenner Jurassic Park figure insert cards.
 Qty. of Sets
Robert Telleria234
Jeff Allender's House of Checklists86
Milkcap Mania27
David Elliott24
The Trading Card Database18
Jeff Quinn17
Dinosaur King Wikia13
Bill Oliver12
Board Game Geek11
David Mikulec11
The Cardboard Connection6
The Prehistoric Times5
Baseball CardPedia4
Jacques Vincent4
Last Sticker4
The Vintage Non-Sports Cards Chat Board4
Todd Jordan4
Beth Trimble3
Dan Goodsell3
Glyn Roberts3
Realm of Rubber Dinosaurs3
Terry Gomes3
Cereal Offers2
David Welch2
Gail Sullivan2
Non-sport .com2
Ted Neos2
The Sport Americana Price Guide to the Non-Sports Cards #42
The Unofficial Rugrats Online!2
. Mencey71
Alex Jaramillo (Collectors Dreams)1
Andrew Steven1
Checklist Center1
Chuckman's Non-sports Trading Cards of the 1950's1
Coleccionista MX1
Comic Collector Live1
David Landis1
Dino Riders World1
Donna Braginetz1
Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards Partial Lists1
Filmic Light - Snow White Archive1
FPG Web Site1
Garbage Pail Kids World1
Gee Pee Kay1
Harley Numan1
Internet Archive1
Jerry Coleman1
John McDonald1
JP Toys.com1
Julio Baamonde1
Kristen Anders1
Limited Run Games1
Lowell's Place1
Magic Spoiler1
Magic The Gathering1
Mark Jennings1
Michael Howgate1
Mike Fitzpatrick1
Oddly Quirky1
Peter Vermaele1
Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society1
Tain't The Meat … It's The Humanity!1
The Board Game Geek1
The Collectibles Workshop1
The Collector1
The Haunted Closet1
The Non-Sport Update Magazine1
Tom Sims1
Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Guide1

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