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(i.e., the general type (e.g., cards, stickers) or purpose (e.g., packaging, display) for which the items were produced)

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(i.e., type of merchandise with which the items were produced (e.g., candy/gum, cereal, collector issues)

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(i.e., items for which I have not been able to identify the issuing company)

An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

Fiction Novels Featuring Prehistoric Animals, Mutant Beasts & Primeval Man

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(Includes: Items Issued for the Expressed Purpose of Collecting)
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5Finity Abbey Co. ACEO Aiguebelle
Album Cultura American Games Caps (AGC) Ancares Editora Artbox Entertainment
Avimage B & B Trading Bay Caps Best Buy
Bimbo Blue Ocean Bollycao Bowman
Braiiinz Publishing Bret Pendlebury Breygent Marketing Brooke Bond
Bubbles Inc. Bulls I Toy Butthedz C&A Kid's World
Cadbury Bros. Ltd. Canada Games Cardlings Cardz
Carl Karcher Enterprises Castle King Chad Pops Entertainment Clade-Gravim
Classic Game, Inc. Colecao Collect-A-Card Comic Images
Comic Stars, Inc. Condis Contact Press Cornerstone
Cottage Cards Croky Cromy Cryptozoic
Custom Caps Cyclone Dargaud Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
De Agostini De La Tour Dechaux Dia (Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación)
Diamond Publishing Digital Masterpiece Dinamation International Dino Caps
Dino-Card Company, The DinoCardz Company Disney Donruss
Downpace Limited Due Emme Dukie's Kaps Dunkin
Dynamic Marketing & Printing Echte Wagner Margerine Eclipse Comics Ediciones Juveniles
Edigamma Edis Editores Edizioni Play Press
Edward Vela E-Max Enterplay EPI
Eurocaps Euroflash Figurine Extras Familia
Fantasy Trade Card Company Fher First Glance Productions Fleer Entertainment
FolBo Edizioni Bologna FPG Cards Fremad Frito Lay's Brand
Funrise, Inc. Gadget Gestion, Servicios y Communicacion Giromax
Glenn Confections Golden Glow Sales Corp. Hagelberg Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.
Happinet Heinsius Herba-Verlag Hero Factory
Holly's Horntoad Graphics Houet Ibercaja Bank
Ikon Collectables Imperial Toy Corporation Inkworks Island Dreams
J. T. Dinosaurs Jacky Jake Jam Caps
Jam Systems Inc. Jamin Jelly Belly Jimbo
JPP/Amada Jurassic Park Institute Kamp Karl Art Publishing
KC Toys Kitchen Sink Press Kosmos Kuroczik Floppy
Lahusen Leaf Brands Inc. Lego Liberty House
Limited Run Games LU Mad Caps Magic Box Int.
Marca Masters Cards Mattel, Inc. Meiji
Merlin Collections Michael Trevors & Associates Mike Hoffman Milk Caps Etc.
MilkCap Maker Monsterwax MotionVision, Inc. Mundicromo
Mun-War Enterprises Inc. Mutilator Mystery Playhouse N & K
Nabisco Nestles Newlinks NostalgiCards
Nubah Nu-Card Sales Ogden Rators On the Ball
O-Pee-Chee Co. Orbis Publishing Ltd. Ortiz Panini
Panrico Philadelphia Gum Piemmecie Publishing Pingo Doce
Plascot Pro Set Random House Redstone Marketing, Inc.
Reed, Inc. Richfood Risi Rittenhouse
Rosen Company Royal Canadian Mint Sadlittles.com Sainsbury's
Salem Salo Sandylion Sticker Designs Santa Cruz Milk Cap Company
Scandinavian Games Scanlens Sega Service Line Italy SRL
SGW Shipton Ltd., W. SkyBox International Some Boy Chewing Gum
St. Hubert Star Pics, Inc. Stompeze Sunday Times
T. G. Ruiromer Talking Tops Inc. Talpe Chicory TCM Associates Inc.
Tempo That's Entertainment The Academy of Natural Sciences The Incredible Game Company, Inc.
The Laughing Cow The Original Hot Aire Trading Cards, Inc. The Source Group The Sun-Herald
The Unusually Funny Factory Ltd. The Wild Muse Tiklex Canada Topps
Toys R Us Treasured Arts Triple PPP Collectibles Tsuburaya Productions
Twins Ty Universal Studios Upper Deck
Upper Stahk Inc. UVK Van Nelle Van Raemdonch
Van Reusel & Thienpont Viceroy Card Co. Walmart Walt Disney
West Highland Publishing WildStorm Woolworths YPS-Sammel
Zoot Unidentified

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