Explore collectibles by company
(i.e., the company that issued and/or distributed the items)

Explore collectibles by category
(i.e., the general type (e.g., cards, stickers) or purpose (e.g., packaging, display) for which the items were produced)

Explore collectibles by product type
(i.e., type of merchandise with which the items were produced (e.g., candy/gum, cereal, collector issues)

Explore collectibles by topic
(i.e., the subject matter of the items such as dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, Dinotopia)

Explore collectibles by country
(i.e., the country with which the items issuer is associated)

Explore collectibles by year
(i.e., the year in which the items were issued and/or their copyright date)

Explore collectibles by life form
(i.e., the names of the life forms depicted on the items)

Explore collectibles by fictional creatures
(i.e., the names of the fictional critters/characters depicted on the items)

Explore unknown collectibles
(i.e., items for which I have not been able to identify the issuing company)

An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

Explore collectibles by artist
(i.e., the people who bring these extinct beasts back to life)

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Custom Caps Daily Mirror Daily Telegraph, The Dairy Queen
Dakota Dinosaur Museum Damel DaMert Company Danmark
Danone Dark Horse Comics, Inc. De Agostini DeJankins
Delory, F. Demaret Caramels Demco Denver Museum of Natural History
Detroit Zoological Park Deux Coqs d'Or Dexter Press Diamantine
Dice Maestro Diener Industries Digital Masterpiece Digitcards
Dinamation International Dino Caps Dino-Card Company, The DinoCardz Company
Dinosaur Carta Dinosaur Caverns Dinosaur Corporation Dinosaur Depot Museum, The
Dinosaur Gardens (Vernal, UT) Dinosaur Gift & Mineral Shoppe (Danbury, CT) Dinosaur Land (White Post, VA) Dinosaur National Monument
Dinosaur Nature Association Dinosaur Park (Blackgang Chine - Isle of Wight) Dinosaur Park (Dan-Yr-Ogof Show Caves) Dinosaur Park (Rapid City, SD)
Dinosaur State Park Dinosaur Valley (Grand Junction, CO) Dinosaur Valley State Park (Glen Rose, TX) Dinosaur World (Beaver, AR)
Dinosaurium Como Bluff Discovery Science Foundation Division of Geology and Land Survey Djeco
DLM Teaching Resources Dolgencorp Domke's Prehistorical Zoo Gardens Dongkou Match Company
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. Dorset County Museum Dorset Press Dos en Uno
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Van Reusel & Thienpont Vasco Americana Vaxelair-Claes Verlag für Lehrmittel Pößneck GmbH
Vernal Dinosaur Service Station Vibe-Hastrup's Victoria Biscuits Vidal Golosina
Vienna Museum of Natural History Vogue Studio Volumetrix Vyatka Paleontological Museum
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