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“Is this not the collector's exquisite pleasure, that his desire should know no bounds, should reach out into the infinite, should never know full possession which disappoints by its very completeness. O what joy to be able to postpone the fulfillment of desire to infinity!”
Georges Rodenbach

The Dinosaur Fan would be much less substantial if it were not for contributions from persons or sources that share my enthusiasm for extinct life and non-sports collectibles. These contributions come in many forms including the discovery of missing sets, providing images of collectibles, augmenting checklists, offering new information, and/or updating/correcting existing content. My deepest appreciation to everyone who has helped to improve The Dinosaur Fan.
Milkcap Mania
Qty. of Sets
 Set (Issuer-Date-Desc.)Set ID
American Games Caps (AGC) 1994 Heavy Metal Aluminum Slammers2546
Avimage 1994 World Pog Federation Série No 1 POGS2576
Avimage 1995 Power Rangers POGS2575
Avimage 1995 World Pog Federation Série No 2 POGS2577
C&A Kid's World Body Guard POGS2579
C&A Kid's World Flintstones POGS (English)2550
C&A Kid's World Flintstones POGS (German)2560
Canada Games 1995 Toy Story POGS2061
Collect-A-Card 1994 Wal-Mart Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Series 1 Power Caps2565
Croky 1995 Croky Caps2564
Cyclone 1995 The Flintstones2562
Edwards Cinemas 1994 The Flintstones Movie POGS2563
Imperial Toy Corporation 1994 Slammer Whammers Series 2 (More Wild Things)2561
Imperial Toy Corporation 1994 Slammer Whammers Series 5 (Dino Dudes)2559
Jamin 1995 Jam Caps Flintstones POGS2549
Kuroczik Floppy Power Rangers POGS2570
McDonald's 1995 Toy Story Happy Meal POGS2574
Plascot 1996 Universal Flip Caps Association Power Rangers POGS2573
Scandinavian Games 1994 Series no. 1 POGS2581
SGW 1993 Krome Kap Collection - Set #12 (Evolution of Man)2569
Unidentified 1994 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers POGS (German)2568
Unidentified 1994 The Flintstones Movie POGS2558
Unidentified 2009 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Russian POGS2556
Unidentified Flintstones POGS2557
Upper Stahk Inc. c.1993 Rohks POGS2572
Vidal Golosina Bubble Gum Dino Caps POGS2551