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This is a 'Virtual Set'.This is a 'Rogue Issue'2017-2019This is a 'Rogue Issue'This is a 'Virtual Set'.
Limited Run Games
Console Game Insert Cards - Series 1

Date:  2017-2019
Country:  United States 

Set ID:  3074
Product Type:  Collector Issues

Advertised Qty:?
Sci-Fi & Fantasy611
Under Review18
In ScopeItems
Rogue Items:2

To be determined


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Limited Run Games
These cards were (are) included with the purchase of electronic games of the same name or topic at a rate of one card per game ordered.  For example, one Turok card was shipped with each Turok game ordered.  Several of the cards were short printed to varying degrees including 50 rare cards to date (1st Qtr. 2020) and two "ultra rare" cards; #100 (Autograph Card) and #133 (Rabi-Ribi CE).  There are two versions of each card; one with a silver finish and a more limited version with a gold finish.  According to Limited Run Games, 'We don't expect anyone to attempt to chase all of the gold cards so the actual card art is the same. They (the two finishes) exist to make opening packages from us exciting, since you could end up with one (gold finish) with any order.'
Limited Run Games is a publisher of limited run physical games for PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Their goal is to produce games that were previously only available in a digital format to a physical medium. 'We're game collectors and players who fear the prophesied all-digital future. We hope that we're not crazy to think that there are other people like us that still want physical games.'

c = Common Card, u = Uncommon, r = Rare Card, ur = Ultra Rare Card, p = Promo Card, BB/RO/IP = Blind Box, Random Orders or In Person,  NPME =
Nintendo Power Magazine Exclusive

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========== Cards ==========
DB ID Topic In Scope? DF Collection? Printed No. Notes Qty Size (Inches) Album Pages Life Form
45838792 Sci-Fi & Fantasy 551 c: NS 1 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" n/a
DB ID Topic In Scope? DF Collection? Printed No. Notes Qty Size (Inches) Album Pages Life Form
45838793 Sci-Fi & Fantasy 552 c: NS 1 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" n/a
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