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This is a 'Virtual Set'.c.1995This is a 'Virtual Set'.
Iron Kids Bread
Dinamation Promotional Cards

Date:  c.1995
Country:  United States 

Set ID:  2921
Product Type:  Bakery

Advertised Qty:?
Other Stuff:1
Extinct Life1
Under Review1

To be determined


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Tom Sims
These cards appear to be promotional collector cards which were most likely inserted into loaves of Iron Kids bread around 1995 in a similar fashion as the 1999 Iron Kids Dinosaur Dig Cards.  These cards are almost identical to the 1992 Star Pics Dinamation Dino-Cards set except for the logo changes (see Images below).


Other Stuff
========== Cards ==========
DB ID Topic In Scope? DF Collection? Printed No. Notes Qty Size (Inches) Album Pages Life Form
45831457 Extinct Life 32 1 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" n/a Dimetrodon
========== Other Stuff ==========
DB ID Topic In Scope? DF Collection? Printed No. Notes Qty Size (Inches) Album Pages Life Form
45880323 -- 1 tbd n/a
Iron Kids vs. Star Pics Dimetrodon (Card #32 front)