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This is a 'Virtual Set'.This is a 'Rogue Issue'1994 Collect-A-Card Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Cards - Series 1 (Hobby Edition)This is a 'Rogue Issue'This is a 'Virtual Set'.
Triceratops Dinosaur (Card #11)
Source: The Trading Card Database (www.tradingcarddb.com)

Set ID:2633
Country:United States
Product Category:Cards
Product Function:Collector Issues
Topic:Power Rangers
Size (Inches):72 @ 3-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Qty. Album Pages:N/A
Qty. Master Set *:72
Qty. Base Items **:72
Qty. Filler Items ***:0
Qty. Variations ****:0
Qty. Item In Scope #:10
Qty. Item Out Scope ##:62
Qty. Item TBD Scope ###:0
      * Master Set (i.e., all items including fillers & variations)
    ** Basic Advertised Set
  *** Filler Items (e.g., checklists, title cards, ad. cards)
**** Variations (e.g., different numbering, text, design)
    # Items directly related to extinct life
  ## Items that are not directly related to extinct life
### Items I have not seen so I do not know if they are relevant
Thank you to the individual(s) listed below and/or to the owner(s) of the resource(s) listed below for contributing information, checklist data, and/or image(s) included on this page.
The Trading Card Database (www.tradingcarddb.com)
Base Set Checklist
Click Imageto Zoom DB IDNumberNotesQtyCaption/DescriptionSubjectFantasy LifeIn ScopeDF Collection
458106841 1Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  
458106852 1Taking A Break  
458106863 1Zordon's Proposal  
458106874 1Rita Repulsa  
458106885 1Zordon  
458106896 1Alpha 5  
458106907 1Decision Time  
458106918 1No Thanks  
458106929 1Change Of Mind  
4581069310 1Tyrannosaurus DinosaurTyrannosaurus
4581069411 1Triceratops DinosaurTriceratops
4581069512 1PterodactylPteranodon
4581069613 1Mammoth MatodonMammuthus
4581069714 1Sabertooth TigerSmilodon
4581069815 1Power Morphers  
4581069916 1Time To Morph  
4581070017 1Ready For Action  
4581070118 1Jason  
4581070219 1Zack  
4581070320 1Kimberly  
4581070421 1Trini  
4581070522 1Billy  
4581070623 1Ready To Defend  
4581070724 1Between Classes  
4581070825 1Bulk  
4581070926 1Skull  
4581071027 1School Principal  
4581071128 1Angel Grove Juice Bar  
4581071229 1The Command Center  
4581071330 1The Viewing Globe  
4581071431 1Secret Communicator  
4581071532 1The Red Ranger  
4581071633 1The Yellow Ranger  
4581071734 1The Blue Ranger  
4581071835 1The Black Ranger  
4581071936 1The Pink Ranger  
4581072037 1The Green Ranger  
4581072138 1Tommy  
4581072239 1The Putty Patrol  
4581072340 1Squatt and Ticklesneezer  
4581072441 1Finster  
4581072542 1Goldar  
4581072643 1Squatt  
4581072744 1Eyeguy  
4581072845 1Pudgy Pig  
4581072946 1Chunky Chicken  
4581073047 1Shellshock  
4581073148 1Gnarly Gnome  
4581073249 1Power Rangers Attack  
4581073350 1Sneak Attack  
4581073451 1King Sphinx  
4581073552 1Baboo  
4581073653 1On Guard  
4581073754 1Power Block  
4581073855 1A Powerful Force  
4581073956 1The Mighty Goldar  
4581074057 1Battle Bikes  
4581074158 1Rita Attacks The Power Rangers  
4581074259 1The Ultimate Weapon  
4581074360 1Battle Action  
4581074461 1Battle Of The Zords  
4581074562 1Tyrannosaurus Dinozord  
4581074663 1Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord  
4581074764 1Matodon Mammoth Dinozord  
4581074865 1Triceratops Dinozord  
4581074966 1Pterodazctyl Dinozord  
4581075067 1Mega Power  
4581075168 1Time To Relax  
4581075269 1Ernie  
4581075370 1Fancy Steps  
4581075471 1A Powerful Fighting Team  
4581075572 1Power Rangers Checklist  

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