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This is a 'Virtual Set'. This is a 'Virtual Set'.
Animals of Yesterday Cards

Date:  tbd
Country:  United States 

Set ID:  2839
Product Type:  Collector Issues

Advertised Qty:?
Extinct Life2

To be determined


These cards were offered up on a major auction website in the September 2018 timeframe.  The seller claimed that these are paintings (acrylic on hard artboard stock) that were to be used in an unpublished Bowman card set called "Animals of Yesterday".  In all my years of non-sports collecting, I've never heard/read any speculation of this set and the auction write-ups for both cards state that the card would have been #55 in the set which does not make much sense.  If anyone reading this has additional information pertaining to the legitimacy of this alleged unreleased Bowman set, please contact me (mmriley@dinofan.com).


========== Cards ==========
DB ID Topic In Scope? DF Collection? Printed No. Notes Qty Size (Inches) Album Pages Life Form
45829536 Extinct Life -- 1 3-3/4" x 5" n/a Smilodon
Sabertooth Tiger
DB ID Topic In Scope? DF Collection? Printed No. Notes Qty Size (Inches) Album Pages Life Form
45829537 Extinct Life -- 1 3-3/4" x 5" n/a Mammuthus
Woolly Mammoth