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An introduction to the Prehistoric Life Collectibles Digest along with some statistics regarding what information is available

The Extinct Life Pictorial Encyclopedia

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Contributors to The Dinosaur Fan

“Is this not the collector's exquisite pleasure, that his desire should know no bounds, should reach out into the infinite, should never know full possession which disappoints by its very completeness. O what joy to be able to postpone the fulfillment of desire to infinity!”
Georges Rodenbach

The Dinosaur Fan would be much less substantial if it were not for contributions from persons or sources that share my enthusiasm for extinct life and non-sports collectibles. These contributions come in many forms including the discovery of missing sets, providing images of collectibles, augmenting checklists, offering new information, and/or updating/correcting existing content. My deepest appreciation to everyone who has helped to improve The Dinosaur Fan.
Glyn Roberts
Qty. of Sets
 Set (Issuer-Date-Desc.)Set ID
Barratt & Co. 1994 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures Candy Sticks Insert Cards472
Barratt & Co. 1997 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures Cards103
Bear 2023 Bearilliant Beasts Cards4182
Cadbury Bros. Ltd. 1933 More British Marvels - Stickers466
Cereal Partners UK 1996 Shreddies - Toy Story 3D Video Scene Cards414
Cereal Partners UK 1996 Toy Story Video Release Insert Shreddies Advertising Cutout Puzzles4197
Dracco Company Limited 2012 Predasaurs DNA Fusion Dino Lollipop Mega Tattoos3564
Dracco Company Limited 2012 Predasaurs DNA Fusion Game Cards2396
Genio Cards 2003 Marvel Genio Power Challenge Cards3563
Geo. Bassett & Co. 1979 Sweet Cigarettes Age of the Dinosaurs Picture Cards101
Kellogg's 1985 Prehistoric Monsters and The Present Flikka-Pics Cards116
Kellogg's 2001 Walking with Beasts 3D Collector Cards1078
Laughing Cow, The 1997 Jurassic Park: The Lost World Glow Stickers2270
Milk Marketing Board 1963 Prehistoric Animals Cards33
Unidentified 1997 Jurassic Park: The Lost World Collector Cards866
Upper Deck 2007 Dino's Yo! Game Cards3591
Weetabix Ltd. 1977 Ready Break Cereal Box Dinosaur Cut-out Scenes2301
Weetabix Ltd. 1994 Jurassic Park Action Sticker/Card Stand-up Cards59